Monster Legends: Fayemelina (Epic) Traits and Skills

The most charming, fun and beautiful-monster of them all. Everything is better with Fayemelina around. Beware of her fiery spirit, if you cross her, you will feel the pain.

Monster Type:


Light Dark

Power: Very High
Speed: Medium
Life: Very High
Stamina: High

Immune to Blind
Description: Gives immunity to blind status effects.

Original Skills (Random):
Razor Claws
Description: Uses its dangerous claws to inflic damage.
Target: One Enemy | Power: 30 | Accuracy: 96 | Stamina: 18 | Cooldown: 0

Life Steal
Description: Deals damage and steals life from the target.
Target: One Enemy | Power: 35 | Accuracy: 95 | Stamina: 28 | Cooldown: 0

Description: Cause one enemy target to enter a state of chaos, dealing moderate dark damage.
Target: One Enemy | Power: 55 | Accuracy: 100 | Stamina: 6 | Cooldown: 0

Light Spikes
Description: Deadly spikes of light impale one enemy monster, dealing moderate light damage.
Target: One Enemy | Power: 55 | Accuracy: 100 | Stamina: 6 | Cooldown: 0

Special Skill:
Light Surge
Description: Instally restores all energy and reduces enemy monsters energy by 50%
Target: One Enemy | Power: 0 | Accuracy: 120 | Stamina: 0 | Cooldown: 0

Other Skills (Random):
Holy Nova
Description: Inflicts light damage to all enemy monsters.
Target: All Enemies | Power: 28 | Accuracy: 95 | Stamina: 19 | Cooldown: 0

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